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Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire
Dear Customer,

We feel greatly honored that you alsways support and trust Ghrepower products & services. In order to improve our product quality and level of services, Ghrepower will conduct customer satisfaction questionnaire at regular intervals. We wish that you offer reasonable andimpartial evaluation (by putting a check in the option you consider to be appropriate) and put forward your request or advices. Any comments or advices of you are our valuable asset, which will encourge us to endeavor to make improvement, and finally offer excellent proudcts & services for you.

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Survey Category No Survey Items Very Satisfied Satisfied Ordinary Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
Product Performance 1 Stability and reliability
2 Generation performance
Product Delivery 3 Package logo & protection
4 Delivery & timeliness
5 Documents completeness
Product Performance-to-cost ratio 6 Product performance-to-cost ratio
Product Operation and Maintenance Service 7 Service skill & professionality
8 Service staff attitude & timeliness
9 Operation and maintenance service quality
Salesman Service 10 Customer request response speed
11 Salesman service attitude
12 Saleman professional ability
Complaint Handling Service 13 Hand;ing attitude
14 Handling result
Overall Evaluation 15 Overall satisfaction on product & service

Comments and suggestions for our products & services
1. 1.What do you think shall be improved in our products & services?

What other services do you think Ghrepower shall offer?

3. Any other suggestions?

Thank you for your support for Ghrepowe again!
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