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Ghrepower First Wind Turbine GHRE19.8J Successfully Completed On-grid Connectio

On November 9th, 2016 local time, Shanghai Ghrepower's first GHRE19.8J wind turbine successfully completed on-grid connection in Japan. This marks a significant breakthrough in Shanghai Ghrepower's project in Japan and an important milestone for Shanghai Ghrepower's wind turbine entering the Japanese market. 

After Fukushima nuclear power station accident in 2011, Japanese requirement for energy structure adjustment encourage Japanese government to take great efforts to develop renewable energy, reducing the dependence on nuclear energy. Due to government stimulation policy, renewable energy sources in Japan reach rapid growth, especially wind energy. For wind turbine less than the capacity of 20kW, renewable energy sources FIT is 55 yen/kWh as procurement price. At present, one of the conditions available on FIT to sell electricity is that small wind turbines must be type approved by the NK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK). According to FIT policy, Shanghai Ghrepower actively sought opportunities to enter the Japanese market and cooperated with Intertek which is famous international inspection institution to test GHRE19.8J wind turbine and obtained type approval certificate issued by ClassNK on March, 2016, GHRE19.8J is currently in China the only one model got sales permission in Japan.

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