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Permanent magnet direct-drive generator (PMG-DD) is designed to maximize turbine efficiency, providing performance levels far superior to conventional generators. Designed and built entirely by GHREPOWER, it has been possible to obtain many benefits th[See details]

Control System


Wind turbine equipped with electronic control system to programmable controller as the core, the control circuit is composed of PLC center controller and its function expansion module. Mainly to achieve the normal operation of wind turbine control, unit s[See details]

Inverter system


Inverter system supporting my company permanent magnet synchronous wind turbine features specially designed, and permanent magnet synchronous generator has a good adaptability, through the uncontrollable rectifier, the middle chopper boost is triple chopp[See details]



The foundation is based on the foundation ring foundation scheme. In this construction, the adjustment and positioning of the basic ring flange position can effectively guarantee the coaxiality and flatness of the tower connection after construction, so t[See details]



The tower used in the fan uses a tapered steel tower to support the engine room, impeller and transmit the force of the unit to the foundation. The tower is divided into three sections, with bolts and flanges. The connection of the tower to the foundation[See details]



SCADA (Supervisor Control And Data Acquisition) system, which is the data acquisition and monitoring system, which can collect the field of digital and analog, and can control the scene of the lower computer on-site or remote real-time monitoring and prov[See details]

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