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Permanent magnet direct-drive generator (PMG-DD) is designed to maximize turbine efficiency, providing performance levels far superior to conventional generators. Designed and built entirely by GHREPOWER, it has been possible to obtain many benefits th
Simple structure
The rotor does not have the excitation winding and the magnetic induction field is generated directly by the permanent magnets integrated in the generator. This allows not to have rotating rings and other elements representing about 30% of the total mechanical and electrical leakage of the generator.
Small size and weight
The mass reduction facilitates transportation considerably and simplifies installation and assembly operations at the factory.
Streamlining the production process
The modular design allows speeding up of the turbine construction process and waiting times for availability are greatly reduced.
Reduced working temperature
With fewer rotating parts, operating temperature and friction decrease as efficiency increases in low wind conditions.
Increase turbine life cycle
The compact design simplifies installation and maintenance, and reduced risk of failure increases turbine reliability by improving its operation and reducing stalling and maintenance costs.

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