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Control System

Wind turbine equipped with electronic control system to programmable controller as the core, the control circuit is composed of PLC center controller and its function expansion module. Mainly to achieve the normal operation of wind turbine control, unit s
The electric control system of the wind turbine is composed of the main circuit cabinet, the control cabinet, the frequency conversion cabinet, the sensor and the connecting cable. The electronic control system includes three functions: normal operation control, running condition monitoring and safety protection.
Control cabinet: control cabinet is the core of reliable operation of the unit, mainly to complete the data acquisition and input and output signal processing; logic function to determine; issued to the external executive control instructions; communication with the central monitoring system, transmission of information.
Frequency conversion cabinet: the completion of the pitch mechanism of the operation of the yaw mechanism.
Main circuit cabinet: the generator rectifier into a DC.
The normal operation control includes the unit automatic start, automatic wind direction tracking, automatic cable decoding, automatic pitching.
The design and implementation of the electronic control system can meet the requirements of unattended, automatic operation, state control and monitoring of wind turbine.
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