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SCADA (Supervisor Control And Data Acquisition) system, which is the data acquisition and monitoring system, which can collect the field of digital and analog, and can control the scene of the lower computer on-site or remote real-time monitoring and prov
Monitoring function
Can be real-time monitoring of the operating state of the fan, including: wind speed, power, impeller speed, power generation, yaw angle, wind direction, cabin temperature, wind angle, yaw angle and other state, the current state of the fan (normal, fan failure, Fault), action and fault records, while the audience can be monitored.
control function
A separate control of a fan of the boot, shutdown, reset, yaw and other fan-related operations.
Record storage function
a) storage of operational data
b) fault storage
Alarm function
Real-time display of fault information.
Permission settings (protection) function
System user rights custom function to complete the system function permissions customization and protection, the system will be based on the landing user's different permissions to retrieve the corresponding function.
Statistical function
You can draw the power curve of each fan, the wind rose chart, wind speed - time curve, the data can be exported.
Report function
Can be a single or group of fans for sub-time statements, daily statements, monthly statements, annual statements of statistics. The report includes: power generation, action and so on.
Print function
The following data can be printed:
a) historical run data
b) fault record
c) fan time data statistics
d) fan date statistics
e) fan monthly data statistics
System log, fan control command log function
The system logging function can record the user login and the specific operation log, so that managers can check the records of the operation records.
Fan control command log function can query the field operator to control the fan, send the command to the specific operation record. Can be used for more standardized management of the on-site staff on the operation of the fan.
Fan parameter setting function
When you need to adjust the fan internal parameter settings, you can directly use the central monitoring system software to use this function to carry out the value and set the operation, without having to adjust to the inside of the fan.
Fan time function
When the internal clock of the fan needs to be adjusted, the calibration clock can be calibrated in the central monitoring system software. When the calibration time is calibrated, the system will calibrate the selected fan according to the computer time of the central monitoring system. So that all electric fans in the electric field can achieve clock synchronization.
Fan controller from the monitoring center routing distance beyond the normal network cable transmission distance or can not use the network cable connection but with wireless Internet access conditions, suitable for wireless communication.
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