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Inverter system

Inverter system supporting my company permanent magnet synchronous wind turbine features specially designed, and permanent magnet synchronous generator has a good adaptability, through the uncontrollable rectifier, the middle chopper boost is triple chopp
GNW direct drive permanent magnet synchronous wind power system inverter device is a full power converter device, with a variety of power grid compatibility, with a wider range of reactive power adjustment capability and support capacity of the grid voltage. At the same time, the advanced control strategy of the inverter device makes the fan system have a good low voltage crossing capability (LVRT Capability), to adapt to the power grid failure state, in a certain period of time to maintain the connection with the grid and not off the net.
Ø provide a variety of fan parameter settings, to achieve the best power tracking;
Ø According to the characteristics of different fans can set their own work power curve;
Ø Wide DC input voltage range;
Ø Power frequency transformer isolation design, and power grid connection more secure;
Ø can achieve multiple inverter power supply parallel operation;
Ø multi-language LCD display interface, free to set a variety of operating parameters, display rich content;
Ø with RS485 communication interface, can be easily achieved on the host computer monitoring;
Ø with remote communication interface (optional);
Ø perfect protection function, the system reliability is higher;
Ø perfect self-diagnosis information recording function;
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