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Off-grid solution

◎A new energy supply system more economical and environmentally friendly than diesel power generation
◎Stable, reliable wind-solar hybrid systems
◎Isolate LFTs, to ensure the safety at the load side
◎Cost per kWh lower and more economic than diesel power
◎Highly integrated system, small footprint
◎Suitable for barracks, posts, small islands, villages, field workstations and other areas

GHW48I Series Wind Turbine Controller

Wind Turbine controller includes a wind control unit and a number of power modules. Wind Turbine generator output three-phase alternating current, the wind control unit is responsible for completing the rectifier, and Wind Turbine control function, the p

GHS48I Series Solar Controller

The solar controller belongs to the input parallel type controller,namely the controller’s input terminal access only to a PV array. Solar controller includes a solar control unit and a number of power modules. The control unit is responsible for the co

GN series off-grid inverter

In the new energy independent power supply system, the GN series off-grid inverter is responsible for converting the energy stored in the battery into AC 220V / 50Hz voltage output for all kinds of load; that is, the quality of the output power of the inv
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