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On-grid solution

◎Grid connection at medium power, and lower requirements for grid connection side
◎Systematic design, WTGSs, controllers and inverters are in the form of kits
◎High power generation efficiency
◎Active control, keep the WTGS operation secure and efficient, highly utilized
◎Low rated wind speed, higher annual power generating capacity
◎High reliability, bank certification and insurance certification, low investment risk
◎Operational status all in hand with complete SCADA
◎Business investment in distributed power generation

ZKW400G Controller

This controller applies an advanced algorithm by tracking wind direction and yawing at different wind speeds and directions automatically, making blade absorbing proper energy, and thus maintaining generator in an optimum working condition.

GNW Grid-tied Wind Inverter

GNW series of wind power inverter, which is designed for wind power generation system, transforming DC power produced by wind turbine into AC power and fed to the grid, to reduce intermediate links and improve the reliability of application and generating
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