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ZKW400G Controller

This controller applies an advanced algorithm by tracking wind direction and yawing at different wind speeds and directions automatically, making blade absorbing proper energy, and thus maintaining generator in an optimum working condition.
Technical Performance of Control System
ØStandard modular design, adopt PLC as the core control parts and reliable electrical apparatus, advanced electric power module to guarantee the products high reliability;
ØAdvanced and superior control method;
ØTracing the wind direction automatically, capturing the maximal wind energy and keep system in optimal operating efficiency;
ØCut-in and Cut-out wind speed can be adjusted according the exact request;
ØWithin the working wind speed area, the controller can adjust the output power according to the wind speed and generator rotor speed;
ØRealize max output available by set the parameter according the inverter specification;
ØSelf-protection function of over voltage, over RPM, yawing, gale and shut of grid system;
ØFour kinds of operation type (Automatic, manual, maintenance and stop) easily for clients and operators;
ØHumanization design, transparent system running data;
ØKinds of configuration monitor software satisfy clients the request of system monitoring;
ØProtection function of anti-lighting;
ØHeating system of controller can guarantee system normal running in low temperature;
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